Cabins and Tiny Houses

Small is the Next Big Thing

Small is the Next Big Thing

Like the Garden Hamlet community we recently completed next door at the Inn, the Cove will have retreat/rental cabins that can be individually owned. While the Garden Hamlet features family cottages in a farm and garden setting with resort-like amenities, the Cove cabins are designed primarily for individuals and couples looking for more of a quiet retreat and a simple back-to-nature setting. Sizes will range from 350 sq ft “tiny house” models to compact cottages up to 850 sq ft. (Larger home sites are available adjoining the retreat area both in the Hamlet and in the South Lake neighborhood.)

Lots of Beauty

Lot locations range from water front to tree house to garden cluster home sites and ownership options range from lot leases for the smaller cabins to fee simple lots up to 1/2 acre. With permanent open space averaging well over 60%, lot size is less relevant in this community than traditional developments where there is no open space preserved to enjoy private moments.


While many people will be coming to the Cove for a restorative retreat, workshop or a learning vacation; part of the draw for coming here will be just to experience the eclectic designs and unbounded creativity of the various workshop groups and individuals that created the cabins themselves.

Beyond the feast for the senses one will enjoy upon first arrival, the real draw will be the energy of the place and the community that arises when kindred spirits come together to deepen their connection with Self, each other and Nature.

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